I was born on 04-02-1960. I started studying music at the age of 4 (accordion) and I immediately realized that it was not my instrument. I wanted to play the drums !!! which probably remains my favorite instrument and which I have never been able to study for various reasons. I switched to classical guitar which I practiced with local teachers for a few years. At the age of 17 I was playing around central Italy with the smooth orchestras that were so fashionable in that period. At 21 the bassist in the Big Band of my city was missing and so I converted to 4 strings. I play until I was 26-27 years old and then, for various reasons, I don't play anymore for a few years. I start playing for 40 years and I approach jazz first as a guitarist and then as a bassist. I studied with various teachers including Fabio Zeppetella, Roberto Ciammarughi. I play in various local amateur bands until I meet my friend Reinaldo Santiago, a super Brazilian drummer. With him and with Matteo Manescalchi on guitar we play in trio in various clubs in central Italy with the Bachiba Trio group. Our collaboration leads us in 2016 to record an album for the label GBmusic , the album called Guitar Jazz Contemporary Jazz from Brasil it is available on all Digital Stores

The album contains all unreleased songs written by Matteo and one, Tiber Samba, written by me and also arranged by Matteo.Also in 2016, I started studying the trumpet and double bass at the municipal school of Città di Castello, I joined the town band as 3 trumpet and through the director Nolito Bambini I joined as a double bass player in the wind orchestra of Upper Umbria. In this period I have really had many experiences both with the city band and with the orchestra, they have been 3 very intense years full of concerts and various events, in 2019 almost for fun I write the first march for band which was then performed by the band small town. Now I have left the musical activity as an instrumentalist and I dedicate myself only to writing and recording the pieces of my composition.

Antonio Fiorucci


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